Company Profile

Shenzhen DyaniteQ Co.,Ltd. is specialized in development, manufacture and sales of li-ion battery chargers of

ranging from 10W~1000W, which chargers are widely used in various electric devices, including vacuum cleaners,

gardening tools, e-bikes, electric scooters, hoverboards, UAV, AGV, Forklift, etc.

By the application of standard communication protocol and software technology, our products are made as more

intelligent and humanized during charging process; engaged in products quality guarantee through company

regular rigorous quality system ISO9001. Most of the products have got Germany TUV issued of GS (EN60335)

certification, and United States UL1310,UL1012, FCC certification, energy efficiency grade of CEC (BC) certification,

and Japan PSE, Australia SAA certification.

After 7 years of experience and customers gathering, DyaniteQ has been trusted and  approved as

qualified supplier. As the past, we will continuously focus on e-bike, focus on the electric power development. It’s our

mission to research and develop safe and efficient charging devices for environment protection contribution.